The Angel Tuners open your spirit to the Angelic Realm by raising your vibration.

With a higher vibration, you will be able to increase your intuition and two-way communication with your Angels.

Simply strike one of the prongs on the fork, known as “tines” with a wooden mallet. It will begin to send off a harmonic vibration in the octave of the specific fork. The longer the tines, the lower the octave and vibration. Our Angel tuners are very small because they are a very high vibration – Angelic energy.

Hold two or three in one hand and strike them with the mallet. You will hear the vibration in your ears as a gentle hum. You can slowly move the vibrating tuners through your own energy field. It will clear blocks allowing the increase in your own vibration.

You can use this same technique to clear the energy of your space. This is excellent for readers, massage therapists and energy healers to use between clients.

Angelic Tuning Forks are also used by Angel Energy Healers. Ask the Angels to show you the blocks in your clients energy field. Then strike the tuners and move them slowly over the areas needed aligning.

Keep in mind that you may develop new ways to use your new set of Angelic Tuning Forks by simply opening up and listening to your inner guidance.



The Angel Tuners are a set of 3 Tuning Forks:

4096 Hz, 4160 Hz and 4225 Hz – the ninth octave of the overtone series.

CRYSTAL TUNER – frequency 4096Hz (one of the three in the Angel Tuner Set) can be used with a single point crystal quartz. Tap the flat end of the quartz with the 4096Hz tuner. The Angelic energy will be sent through the crystal directing and amplifying the energy.

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BONUS: Free Wooden Mallet with this Tuning Fork Set.
All Forks are in attractive Velvet Pouch.

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