Have you ever experienced a disappointing Valentine’s Day?
This year things can be different by following Karen’s easy tips.

We often look outside of ourselves for love and validation. This leads to disappointment. This year, make Valentine’s Day a day about loving yourself. When you start the day filled with love, you can share the love that is brimming over with others. You will make your day great, and share it with everyone you meet.

Karen’s Tips are:
1. Ask the Angels to help make Valentine’s Day great. We so often forget to ask the Angels for assistance. And when we do, we are usually not giving me a lot of time to bring miracles. Ask now to give them time to prepare.

2. Write yourself a love letter. Sit and write why you love yourself. This might be tough for you. Spend some real quality time and get deep. You are amazing! Then put it in an envelope and mail it to yourself (just for fun). Open it on Valentine’s Day, and read it to yourself.

3. Plan what you are going to wear ahead of time. Clothes have energy. Plans to wear clothes that make you feel good, and make it red. If you don’t have a red top, then at least wear red jewelry, socks or undies.

4. Schedule sometime to pamper yourself. Take a hot bath, paint your nails or get a massage. This day is about you, treat yourself right.

5. Start your day with gratitude. Before you rise, list all the people you love. Thank God for them, and for this day.

6. Meditate (a little time and visualize) yourself as a bottle and the Angels are pouring love into you. They fill you up so much that you begin to overflow. Now you are ready for your amazing day.

7. Think of fun things to do to add some spark in other people’s day. How about children’s paper Valentines? Or bringing in a treat to share?

Now, this is going to be a Valentine’s Day to mark in your journal.

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