I hope you had a great week. This week I wanted to introduce you to one of my teachers, Raven De La Croix. We met years ago when Frank and I traveled to Sedona, AZ on vacation.

As we were preparing to go on our trip, I decided we should have a tour of Sedona’s beautiful vortexes with a psychic. I googled and found a long list of readers. After I made my choice, I asked Frank to pick. He said, any one but that one. Well, you know that was Raven! So, I booked a day with Raven.

When we got into Sedona, Frank did not want to make our appointment. He was doing all he could to keep us from meeting Raven. So, he decided to stop to buy a new crystal for himself in one of the big New Age shops there. Well don’t you know when we walked in, we were greeted by Raven!

Talk about being completely synchronized! She gave us an amazing tour of Sedona. While we were in the valley between the Red Mountains, and she was explaining that the Indian Chiefs gathered there, a little tornado came through … out of nowhere … it literally whipped around each one of us and spun off. The whole tour was amazing. She even brought us back to her home for pizza! We have been friends ever since. She has taught me a lot about the Law of Attraction and has channeled valuable messages helping me heal huge issues in my life. The Angels definitely made this happen!

Today, Raven is a Signs of Angels’ reader, and I wanted you to get to know her. She is available to counsel you, too. She has huge projects going on in Sedona, and I don’t know how long we will have her with us. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity while you can. And of course, if you are going to Arizona makes plans to spend the day with Raven. It will be an experience of a lifetime!

Have a great week. Many blessings to you ~ Karen

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