I am humbled by your words. It is my honor to teach you.
Thank you. ~ Karen Borga

Thanks Karen so much for all the healing that you sent to me last week. The very next day I started to feel good 90% better. I truly do appreciate what you did for me it really helped thank you again. ~ Jeannie Zurich

Thank you Karen. This came at the perfect time for me. I Believe in you, and because of you, I Believe in myself.
Blessings ~ Deb

Just want to say Thank You for the helpful video’s and card reading and just everything you do do to help us who are seeking. Namaste.
~ Evelyn Chuter

Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I learn something new everyday. Wishing you and your staff all the very best.~Love, Peace and Light.
~ Nena Lee

Thank you Karen for this wonderful video and input to my dreams. You make me feel like a better person by knowing you and your knowledge of these beautiful Angels. I am going to try this myself, I did it with you. You’re a Beautiful Spiritual Woman, Karen. Thanks so much for caring for me. God bless you, and the wonderful things you represent.
~ Patsy L. Lynn

Thank you is all I can say. I appreciate your daily inspirations and look forward to what you and the Angels have to say as well as your videos. I no longer watch the am news (or any news) when I wake but ALWAYS read your daily postings and feel inspired by them. The Angels really do know what to post.
Sending Love and Angelic Blessings to you. ~ Carolyn

Karen, just want you to know that I look forward to receiving your daily inspirational newsletters every day. I especially like your videos because they are honest and you share from the heart and experience. Never lose that quality because that’s what is real and why people come to you. You are learning along with the rest of us and sharing as you go. Not many do that…they tell, not teach and express.
~ Linda Spaeth

Hi Karen, I want to thank you for all your posts and teachings. I appreciate them greatly. I just did the energy cleanse and immediately felt lighter. Thank you. You are a Human Angel. ~ Wanda Karaszewski Youngberg

You are indeed an angel. Blessings+ and love to you and Frank. Thank you for touching all our lives. I am blessed and honored and grateful.
~ Nicholas LaMonica

I love this site. I love this site and I love Doreen’s site. I love some of the Chicken soup for the soul books too. I have learned since I started to talk to my Angels from Karen & Doreen about pennies and feathers. I feel peaceful with the little Angel statues I have around. My husband was given some really expensive angels figurines for his 60th Birthday from a Catholic book store. they are in my curio cabinet. There are 4, Archangel St. Micheal, Archangel St. Gabriel. Archangel Uriel, And Archangel Raphael . Recently we lost a baby boy, through a tragic accident? Many questions still not answered about some of it. Learning from Karen and Doreen, I started to pay attention when I saw a lowly penny or feathers appeared. In the latest Chicken Soup for the soul, ” Miraculous Messages from Heaven” is a story about a death of her brother called ” Pennies from Heaven”. It touched my heart. Since we have lost our sweet baby, James, things are touching my heart differently. I lost a baby daughter many years ago at 4 days, and there was a heavenly presence with me the day she made her transition in my hosp. Room. In the story in Chicken Soup book she shares of how she had asked her Angels for pennies, so she would know her brother was in Heaven. And the way they started to find pennies was amazing. With me, I had this belief from learning about Angels from Karen & Doreen. And one night I was so very low, and I went to the drug store for something about 10:30 at night. And my head was down as I was walking in. And there on the huge plastic square cover on top of that huge gray can for trash I saw something shiny in the low light. I picked it up and it was a shiny penny. I did not look exactly to see what year it was until I got home, but I knew it was a sign for me. It was as if my Angels in answer to my prayers, Said ” Okay granny we got him, he is with us in heaven now” . The penny was a 2013. ~ Mary Catenacci

Dear Karen,
I watched your video this morning Healing Angels and after listening to your personnel testimony about depression and how you were healed through meditation and communicating with the Angels it touched my heart.I am a christian so I firmly believe in God and Angels since following your site Signs of Angels small miracles are happening in my life 1 day a few weeks ago after having had an Angel card reading I received a message I have 7 Angels watching over me right now and I will continue to try communicate with them and follow their signs for me. I would just like to say a big Thank You for your site and all that you do in promoting awareness in Angels God Bless you and your family. Warm Love Patrick

Dear Karen,
Thank you So much you have no idea how much you helped me! I did a quick search for Earth Angels on web and I just found out that my sisters and I could be a Earth Angels. Its so amazing its explain so much of our ‘weird’ behaviors; I mean others think they are weird! My biggest sister is an total Healer For Animals. She cares about them so much, for lost baby cats that has been separated from their mother or lost and injured animals. I love animals very much but I’m good with Plants! So Again THANK YOU so Much you helped me realize who I am ;). ~ Arin

Hi Karen, just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful prayer. Last week, my husband’s blood counts were dangerously low and he needed several transfusions. On Friday we were told that he “recovered beautifully.” The angels were very much with us! ~ Lin

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