Working with Angels can create real MIRACLES in your life. Karen Borga shares three amazing MIRACLES that happened in her life once she started working with the Angels.

Karen uses the Four Key Steps in manifesting with the Angels

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You can have MIRACLES happen in your life too! Just ask your Angels for assistance. They are there waiting to help.


Hi. I’m Karen Borga with Signs of Angels and working with angels can actually bring miracles into your life. I wanted to share with you a really fun experience, incredible that Frank and I had, because of working and believing and using that ask-release-believe-receive method that I teach on how to manifest with your angels.

So I was definitely in that whole being in line, being in that energy, being positive, and I was really brand new to spirituality and Frank and I, we’re just learning and I decided that I wanted to learn from James Van Praagh and I saw that he was teaching in Scottsdale, Arizona and yet we live in New Jersey.

We didn’t have the funds to be able to go to Scottsdale and study with James Van Praagh. So I called Frank up and I said, “Frank, can we study with James Van Praagh?” and he said, “Karen, we don’t have the money.” I said, “If we get the money, can we go?” and he said, “All right.” Well, don’t you know the next week Frank went to go do our taxes and in January, our accountant had Frank pay extra money because I guess he had to take an early withdrawal or something, right?

So in order for us not to have to pay tons of taxes, he paid a lot of money in January to the government. Well, so he goes to do the taxes and then he comes and tells me, “Karen, you are not going to believe this. But the government changed the laws and now we’re getting $4000 back.” I was like, “Yes! We’re going to study with James Van Praagh!” Frank said, “No Karen. We need that money in the bank first before you can schedule it.” And don’t you know, it was deposited in our bank the next week.

So I was able to get that money in two weeks. That’s when you’re in line, when you know that the universe is lining up for you and you’re just believing. So you ask. You release because you know it’s going to happen.

I knew we were going to get that money and I just believed. I certainly did receive. I mean that whole trip was incredible. I have more to that story but I will tell you another time. I want to tell you specifically another time that I was in that I-know-this-is-going-to-happen mode.

It was back when I was starting and I decided that if I wanted to become a psychic, I should probably go to one or learn what they do. So I’ve decided that I would go see Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams Show.

I knew that the wait for that was probably a year and a half. My sister had already tried to get tickets to the show unsuccessfully. So I emailed them and I asked if I could potentially get tickets for the show. Don’t you know within four days, I had four tickets, an email that said I had four tickets waiting for me.

So of course I was excited and you know that was like a miracle and so I decided that I had everyone come. I invited my sister, my goddaughter and one of my very, very close friends. I love her so much and we all went to New York.

So I asked the angels for front row or better. I don’t know what better meant. But you know what? Why limit yourself? When you’re asking the angels for something, you know what? Front row are better. Don’t sit just front row. Why not allow them to give you more?

So I asked for front row or better and when we got in line, it was raining outside. The people have been waiting a while. We got there kind of late because we had this fabulous lunch and then this busload of people came and they got off the bus and went right in, in front of all the people who are waiting outside in line.

People outside were now very grumbly and I kept saying to my friends and family, “Don’t worry about it. We have front row or better. I already asked for front row or better. Don’t worry about it.”

So we went in and we went into like this garage area that leads into the studio eventually and there were tables set up and I handed them my email and they handed me back tickets and then we kind of get ensconced into this garage as more people are coming in and my sister started to get claustrophobic. Someone around us said, “Your seat number is already on your ticket. So it doesn’t matter where you’re standing.”

So we actually left and like we’re standing at the very back like on the outside of the garage almost so my sister would be comfortable. Suddenly I heard yelling. I couldn’t make it out and it got closer and closer and finally, it said, “If you have Ms on your ticket, come in now.”

I looked down and we have Ms on our tickets. So now all these people who are in front of us had to move away. It was like the parting of the Red Sea for us and I’m walking through with my tickets. I have Ms on my tickets. I go up and don’t you know the front row was taken.

So they put us onstage with Sylvia Brown and Montel Williams. That was incredible. These kinds of things happen for me all the time, all the time. This past year, I was invited by Hay House to participate in a mastermind marketing group, by Reid Tracy. He’s the president of Hay House. How do those things happen? How do those things happen? Because I asked the angels. I released the desire. I believe it’s going to happen and when it happens, I’m like, “Thank you!” Yes! Miracles can happen for you as well.

So I ask you to work on ask, release, believe, and receive and if you don’t understand it, I designed some jewelry for you to wear, for you to remember, to help you with that process. Jewelry is not necessary. But the angels gave me that tool to give to you and hopefully you will be able to use it as successfully as I am able to manifest as well.

So I just wanted to share all that fun stuff that happens and encouraging you to use the process and to connect with your angels. Talk to you next week. Blessings to you and all that you do. Bye.

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