Edie – My New to Me Canadian Production Wheel

October 31, 2023
Canadian Production Wheel

Super excited to bring home my new wheel – her name is Edie. The previous owner, Edith was a collector of wheels, this is just one of a dozen or so that she had owned. 

Frank offered to clean her up for me, and now she sparkles. He took all the pieces apart and polished her. The Mother of All was taken apart and lubed up as well. 

I made a new drive band out of cotton crochet yarn according to this tutorial. I sure seemed easy enough! 


Things just weren’t working the way I expected. Back to research why Edie isn’t uptaking the yarn. According to this video, I don’t have the driveband tight enough. Also, a double drive wheel doesn’t work the same as the single drive. There is a rhythm and dance that the wheel and the spinner need have. Wish me luck. Going back to try again. 

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