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For over 12 years, Karen has been teaching and encouraging love. For many the love experience is often hard to find, so she introduces you to your Angels.

Through her teachings, people begin to believe and trust in their Angels. Angels are pure radiant love. Once you know and feel the love from the Angels, the love inside of your heart begins to open. You begin to become aware of who you are, and your love begins to radiate. The world around you begins to change.

Learning to live with Divine Guidance, or intuition, helps to create a life of your choosing. Appreciation and happiness are felt and shared. Perhaps you are ready to live a life of love and peace? Ask the Angels for your help, they are listening and waiting to help.


My story begins with me seeing signs. There was this odd coincidence occurring daily. I would open my dresser drawer, find a key and think I will need to use that later. And hours later, I needed the key. I would see someone’s name, and they would call. It was too often to be by accident. I knew something was going on.

My daughter was in college now, and I was feeling the empty-nester syndrome. I decided to take a class to mix up my life a bit. I signed up for an AngelSpeake Workshop in the Adult Education Program at our local High School. I didn’t really understand what Talking With Angels meant. I was soon to find out! It worked right away for me. I began to hear and was able to see the signs.

It was around then that my feathers began. I receive feathers everywhere. They are outside, inside, laying on the ground or floating in the air. I find feathers in sealed boxes, in wallets and falling out of thin air. Feathers are the Angels’ calling card, and they are calling me a lot.

I started to share my feather stories, and I have come to learn people all over the world are receiving feathers too! It is my pleasure to help people understand what their first feathers mean, and how to build a relationship with the Angels.

Everything happens for a reason, and you are here on purpose. Welcome to the World of Angels!



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