about Karen

Karen Borga Fiber Artist

A Journey of Creativity and Inspiration

Karen Borga’s story is a testament to the transformative power of passion and creativity. From finding solace in her art after experiencing loss to taking a leap of faith and joining a local fiber guild, Karen’s journey is a source of inspiration for anyone seeking their true calling.

Her message is simple yet profound: it’s never too late to discover your passion and purpose. By embracing new experiences and following your heart, you can fill your days with love and creativity. Karen’s advice is clear: try something new, and if it resonates with you, pursue it further. If not, don’t be afraid to explore other avenues.

Karen’s own background is rich with diverse influences. She learned various fiber arts techniques from her grandmother, Marguerite Christensen, and later pursued formal education in advertising and fiber arts, studying under Kumiko Murashima. Her professional journey also encompassed graphic design and social media marketing, reflecting her versatile skill set.

Today, Karen dedicates her time to fiber arts, aiming to inspire others to infuse creativity into their lives. Her story serves as a compelling reminder to embrace our passions and take that first step towards a more fulfilling life. If you’re ready to embark on your own creative journey, Karen’s story is a beacon of encouragement.

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“I pray you are blessed to have creativity in your life.” – Karen Borga