Mosaic Tile Felting Technique

December 12, 2023

Enjoyed working with this technique. The concept is to make a prefelt and then cut it into shapes. Lay it out and then cover with viscose. I used a cowl resist to make my projects. 

I used a merino silk blend for the prefelt and it is amazingly soft. My first attempt, I didn’t space out the pieces quite far enough. The wool really tried to migrate together. Still looked good but wasn’t successful in the technique. The second attempt worked nicely. 

I was using Bulgarian viscose that come in circles because it matched the best. I ordered it on Etsy. To be honest, when it came in the mail I was surprised. I had never seen viscose in that form. I lays out a bit clumpy because there are sections that are very thick. Really the best layout is cloud with this type … none the less, I used it more as a one layer classical spread. 


I originally learned this technique in Lena’s course, but this is a great tutorial on how to do it – in Russian. 


Overall, I enjoyed this technique and would consider using it on a jacket … or a beach coverup. 

Gave them to Linda and Cindy for their birthdays. They seemed pleased.