Notes for Weaving a Rag Rug

April 22, 2024

I have been collecting old blue jeans, and am finally inspired to learn the details of weaving my first rug. I figure I will be using my floor loom so I can get a hard beat, so that is settled. I did originally consider using my rigid heddle but after listening to Tom Knisely’s video on LongThreadMedia’s site, my Nilus II is the right decision for my first attempt.

He recommends linen warp and linen fabric as weft for a heavy weighted rug.


Wash all the fabric first to get the sizing out.

Cut the strips 1.5″ wide. 3/4″ to 1″ for Blue Jeans because it’s thicker. Make a very long tapered at the ends.

8/4 cotton warp

6 0r 8 epi to show weft / 24 epi shows warp

1 yard of fabric = 1 square foot of rug

HUGE take up … 2″ per foot! 20% to 25% – 14″ warp for 12″ final length.


2 strands of 8/4 cotton.

Weave 6 shots and then make the next shot in the same shed (double it so there is a nice place to make the fold). Then 8 shots … then 10. Makes a great header to fold easily.

Use fray check instead of zigzag to secure the header edge until you roll it

Hand sew with 8/4 cotton warp one warp thread into the double weft.

If I were to tie the warp, take the waste weft out as I go along. Make half hitches using two warp threads (total of 4) then the next two. Two rows.

8/4 32 threads per inch for warp face.



Rag Rug Loom

So the previous information was if I was going to weave on my floor loom. This video give great information about weaving on a RAG RUG LOOM. I bet Frank would make one for me. The kids might enjoy helping me make rugs.